Professor of Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul Tech) and is the vice president of Accreditation Board of Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) from 2012. He was the former president of Innovation Hub Center Council which represented 60 uni- versities’ ICEEs (Innovation Center for Engineering Education) and 7 Hub Centers for 2 years. He is now a director of Seoul Tech’s ICEE and Seoul Tech’s Hub Center having 15 ICEEs. The main purpose of ICEE is to reduce the gap between industry’s needs and universities’ education by in- novating education programs, curricular, teaching methods, and collaboration with industry. He is the chairman of the committee of Criteria of Accreditation for the best practice of ABEEK for con- tinuous improvement of engineering education by setting the Criteria and by moderating the 20 disciplines. His role in Seoul Tech’s Hub Center is to coordinate the participating 15 universities for working together for common innovation agenda and sharing the outcomes of the ICEE pro- ject. He graduated from Departments of Mechanical Engineering of Seoul National University (BS), KAIST (MS), and University of Illinois at Chicago (Ph.D). His research area includes interferometric measurements, automatic fringe pattern analysis, and high speed vision inspections