Korea’s Model: its Challenges and Reactions for Innovation of Engineering Education


Eng Edu Hub Director, Seoul Tech.

From total destruction of social infrastructure during Korean War and having no natural resour- ces, technologies, and capital, Korea has dramatically made a fast growth in economy within one generation and recently Korea is often mentioned as one of success models for industrialization. It is said that the success was made by harmonization of strong government policies, prophetic economic leaders, and good engineers and technicians. After the fast growth for 3 decades from 1960s to 1990s, the economic growth quickly slowed down and encountered the IMF crisis and two times world economic crisis. It required bitter restructuring in all area of Korea’s society. This presentation demonstrates a brief view of Korea’s compressed economic growth and roles of go- vernment, industry and universities in reaction to the challenges. In response to industry’s com- plaints on the mismatch between industry’s needs and university’s education, the presentation shows universities’ efforts on the innovation of engineering education and its quality assurance by deploying ICEE (Innovation Center for Engineering Education) and ABEEK (Accreditation Board of Engineering Education of Korea) projects in the last 10 years.